Not ready to buy new?

It might be time to remodel.

Windwood Construction will provide you the experience and quality workmanship needed for your remodel project. We specialize in facilitating custom renovations, for either home or office. We feel design is essential to a successful project and we’ll help you design your project to fit your budget. Our consultation, from the initial meeting until we determine the scope of your project, is at no cost.

We have Architectural Design and Engineering support and our team of outstanding Sub-Contractors has been solid throughout the years. Our excellent working relationship with them, combined with their professionalism, makes the difference. We believe that it’s essential in the process to attain a good working relationship from the onset for success of the overall project. We recognize that the remodel process can be unsettling but we strive to provide an efficient process throughout.

We will give you a firm price guarantee, whether it’s an addition, bath, kitchen, home façade, or a total house makeover – we have the knowledge and experience to turn your vision into reality.

Give Dale Richards at Windwood Construction a call to get your project started @ 503-780-4375 or e-mail: